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Utah State might have the most inattentive goalie ever

Denver University’s club hockey team played three games last weekend and only emerged victorious in one of them. But that lone win happened in an incredible fashion, thanks to an inattentive opposing goaltender.

With 15 seconds left in overtime Friday night against rival Utah State University, Denver engaged in a shorthanded faceoff near its own goal. At that time, Utah State goaltender Keagan McHenry appeared to think it was OK to talk to some fans in the corner of the rink.

Yahoo! Sports says DU defenseman Robert Biedron got the puck after the faceoff and slapped it all the way down the ice toward the opposing net.

McHenry eventually realized that the game was back in progress, and he raced — and comically dove — to save the shot approaching his net, but it was too late.


Biedron got credited with a 200-foot goal, and Denver ended up on the right side of the scoreboard.

Without that context, you’d see the video and think the DU player scored a long goal with USU’s goalie pulled. But, that was not the case at all, an embarrassing and sequence for the distracted goaltender, which resulted in a loss for his team.

The video quality isn’t great, but you can definitely get a sense of how badly the USU goalie dropped the ball.