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Doctor predicts that the Patriots will win Super Bowl XLVIII

It doesn’t matter how big of a Tom Brady fan you are nor where he went to college — he’s not going to be a Super Bowl XLVIII champion.

Good luck telling that to Dr. Shukri David, who predicted the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl while a guest on a Detroit morning news segment Saturday.

Dr. David, one would infer, was on set to discuss Super Bowl health — how much alcohol to consume at a party, what foods to avoid, etc. But the interview got a little woozy when he was asked for his Super Bowl prediction.

“Go Patriots,” he said, with a pump of the fist.

And the hilarity didn’t end there. When the anchor attempts to gently, subtly correct the cardiologist, he is quick to inform her of her error.

“Not Peyton Manning — they’re out,” he says.

An awkward, “Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks… Yeah,” follows in another indirect attempt at schooling by the anchor, who earlier admits she wasn’t sure of who quarterbacked the Seahawks.