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Grantland documents Lakers guard Steve Nash’s rough season, doubts about basketball future

In case you haven’t been following basketball news out of Los Angeles, the Lakers are doing quite poorly and have struggled with a slew of injuries.

One of those players hit by the injury bug is former Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash, who turned 40 on Feb. 7.

Nash has only played in 10 games all season, and the Lakers head into the All-Star break tied for last in the Western Conference at 18-35. The eight-time All-Star made a return to the court on Feb. 4 and only played in four contests before getting sidelined again with a back injury.

Grantland, a sports blogging site started by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, has released an in-depth documentary on Nash’s bleak season, including his frustrations with not being at full strength and his worries that his storied career is coming to an end. It’s Nash more up close and personal than you’ve probably seen him before.

Simmons also wrote a long-form piece to accompany the video.

The near-10-minute documentary, released Thursday, is the first in a continued series. Before you watch it, be prepared that it won’t exactly bring your spirits up.

You can watch the first release below, and periodically check Grantland’s YouTube channel for subsequent episodes.

Apparently it didn’t take long for former Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis to put out a parody video of Nash’s Grantland series. Nash himself has a big role in “Baron Davis: The Comeback.”

Davis, 34, hasn’t played since the 2011-12 season. His parody might be the pickup you need after watching the Nash documentary. The video contains some brief, mild language.