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‘Rudy’ extols the virtues of College Football Playoff

Plenty of college football fans have been clamoring for the BCS to go away and be replaced by a playoff system to determine a national champion.

And after years and years of complaining, those people have gotten their way.

The 2014 national champion will be crowned by way of the (creatively named) College Football Playoff, which will pit four teams in semifinal matchups and then the two winners will square off for all the marbles at the championship game in Arlington, Texas.

ESPN’s got the TV rights for the event and they’ve put out a hilarious spot to celebrate.

The commercial features actor Sean Astin, reprising his role as Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger from the inspirational 1993 film Rudy. In the spot, Rudy is giving his 1975 Notre Dame teammates a pep talk about how great the College Football Playoff will be.

Make sure you watch until the end.