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The Flying V returns

Ducks fly together and these Mighty Ducks do as well.

In a move used to defeat the Germans two decades ago, the cast of D2: The Mighty Ducks reunited on Sunday and broke out the “Flying V.”

All of the feels returned from the 90s as images of Connie and Guy as well as Goldberg the Goalie popped up on Instagram courtesy of “Connie” herself, Marguerite Moreau.

Between the mix of excitement and nostalgia, fans of the Mighty Ducks series wondered if another movie was in the works.

Whether by hook, crook or knucklepuck, it has been too long since Iceland has been handed the on-ice defeat it so richly deserves

The NHL team in Anaheim may no longer bare the “Mighty” name, but the winner of the Junior Goodwill Games will never be forgotten.

Time to sit around the campfire and sing “We Are The Champions.”