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New York Times wants to reassign Knicks beat writer because Knicks are bad at basketball

One of the perils (if you can even call it that) of being a sports reporter is that sometimes you have to cover a bad team.

While journalists are supposed to be objective and not “root” for any team, there’s no doubt a winning team is more fun to be around.

But alas, not every team is a winner, which means some writers are just out of luck.

Except for New York Times Knicks reporter Scott Cacciola, apparently. The paper has decided that since the Knicks are an NBA-worst 5-32, losers of their last 12 games and getting even worse, the idea is to find a better basketball team to write about.

So the Sports department’s editors feel it is only merciful to give our Knicks beat writer, Scott Cacciola, a break from such woeful basketball. He deserves to see the game played at a higher level. For the next month or so, we would like to point him to some good, quality basketball, wherever it may be. Any suggestions?

The paper suggests a different NBA team, a high school team, a college squad or “a strong coed team at your local Y” that the reporter should cover.

At any rate, readers are asked to submit their suggestions in the comment section on the story.

Good luck, Scott.