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British announcer tries his darndest to call Oregon-Ohio State championship game

Hilarity ensues when a British announcer who clearly is more comfortable with soccer and rugby tries to do the play-by-play call for a football game.

“Bad British Commentary” presents its interpretation of the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, which pitted Oregon against Ohio State on Jan. 12.

The YouTube video is actually titled “2015 Super Bowl,” which is probably a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that the British probably wouldn’t know the difference between the two sporting events.

In the clip, the announcer calls the referees Newcastle United fans, since they are wearing the same colors as the football club, after all.

Ohio State’s first touchdown is shown, and the announcer is baffled as to why the “judges” didn’t award the running back seven points like Oregon already had.

The animated broadcaster also calls a quarterback a “hookerback,” and just wait until you hear his interpretation of a holding call.

Bad British Commentary also has baseball, basketball and hockey versions, and the hijinks have even been made into a book, released last year.