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Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch gives same answer on Media Day, holds Skittles press conference

Marshawn Lynch may have a certain amount of disregard for the media, but we know this: He loves his Skittles.

Lynch answered each Media Day question with the same answer: “I’m here so I don’t get fined.”

To be fair, he did warn the media that’s all he’d be saying first.

In the past, Lynch has either avoided the press crush all together or answered questions with a pre-determined answer — regardless of what question has been asked of him.

The league has cracked down on Lynch’s practices, even fining the Second Team All-Pro $100,000 back in November.

But Lynch did speak — sort of. Skittles, Beast Mode’s candy of choice, released a press conference video of Lynch answering questions while chomping down on the snack.

“I want to thank Skittles for asking me questions, and I want to thank Skittles for making the game day more awesomer,” Lynch says at the end of the video.

Hey, it’s a start, right NFL?