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Rays’ Carlos Gomez is clearly not in the Fourth of July spirit

Fourth of July is usually a relaxing time for most people who use the holiday to gather with friends, watch fireworks and celebrate America.

Well, for Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez, he decided to bring his own fireworks to the team dugout on Wednesday.

But not in the way you think.

How did we get here?

In the second inning of the Rays game against the Miami Marlins, Gomez stepped up to the plate with runners at first and second base.

The outfielder squared to bunt and the ball appeared to hit Gomez on the hand. The umpire ruled that it was a foul ball and Gomez struck out on the following pitch. He had some words with the ump on his way back to the dugout before the real show kicked off.

Once back in the dugout, Gomez unleashed his fury on the first thing he could hit, a small cooler.

After taking three hacks on it, Gomez decided to turn his attention elsewhere.

He found yet another cooler and proceeded to let the fists fly.

To make matters worse, the Marlins shutout the Rays 3-0.

But hey, at least the crowd got to see some fireworks during the game.

And Twitter also got to enjoyed Wednesday’s show.

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