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Manning to AZ? Dockett says ‘yes’

The Peyton Manning to (fill in the blank) rumors have been
out there for quite some time.

But Tuesday, they got kicked into high gear when news
that the Indianapolis Colts would indeed cut the
four-time MVP
instead of paying his astronomical $28
roster bonus. Manning missed the 2011 season after
undergoing four neck surgeries.

Since then, the twitterverse has exploded with Manning
rumors, and Arizona is a popular choice among those
speculating on #18’s future employer.

But what about the players already on the Cardinals’
What do they think?

Leave it to the most outspoken member of #Birdgang to put
his thoughts out there. Of course, I’m speaking about
defensive lineman Darnell Dockett.

After receiving some feedback from Cardinal fans, Dockett
clarified his thoughts.

Dockett didn’t stop there, also granting an
interview to NFL Network
, where he did his best sales
pitch on why Manning should come to the desert.

“He’d get to play in a dome, the weather’s nice for him,
the coaching staff is great, our management is doing a
wonderful job,” Dockett said during the interview. “He
has arguably the best
wide receiver in the game in Larry Fitzgerald, two good
running backs that are young and an improving defense.

“And the weather’s nice, Peyton could get a tan and
everything…I’ll even give him my parking spot.”

Keep in mind that once Indianapolis officially cuts
Manning, he’s free to sign with any team he wishes — even
ahead of the beginning of the NFL free agency period on
March 13, so he could have a new home soon.

Dockett summed up the feelings of hundreds of NFL players
by asking “who wouldn’t want to play with Manning?”

That’s a pretty valid question, after all.