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Kurt Warner: ‘I would take Carson’

While many Arizona Cardinals fans still wish that Kurt Warner was their quarterback, Warner has his own wish-list.

As a guest on Dan Patrick’s national radio show Warner told the host that there was one name that stood above the rest for him.

“I would take Carson [Palmer],” he said.

Warner also told the host that Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt consulted with him on a group of veteran quarterbacks the team was considering. That list consisted of Marc Bulger, Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb.

It’s interesting to hear Warner jump on the Palmer bandwagon. He played with Bulger in St. Louis and had previously been on the record back in March as saying he would be a good fit.

“If the Cardinals want to do what we did when I was there, I think Marc fits the bill extremely well.”

Even if Warner is right and Palmer would be a great fit for the Cardinals, the question remains if he’s actually available. He is still under contract with the Cincinnati Bengals but has threatened to retire if he isn’t traded. The team has seemed reluctant to give in to his demands but they didn’t draft TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. A player they feel is ready to start.

The opinion comes just one day after a report suggested the Cardinals had reached an agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles prior to the draft that would have found Kevin Kolb in the desert. The deal obviously didn’t go through due to the lockout.

Will Whisenhunt and the Cardinals change their mind and take Warner’s advice? Have they even made up their mind at all yet? None of it is clear. The only thing that is, is the fact that their former quarterback likes a signal caller from Cincinnati.

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