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Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Daryl Washington

Daryl Washington is going to be a huge part of what the
Cardinals do defensively; in fact, he might be the
catalyst for Ray Horton’s defense. D-Wash is so versatile
opposing offenses might have a hard time finding him in

At 238-pounds, Washington is slight for an inside
linebacker but perfect for the fire-zone scheme Horton
deploys. He operates extremely well in space, runs
sideline to sideline, has excellent speed, can make plays
on the ball whether defending passes or picking them from
the air, and he’s a Grand-Master-Tackler of the highest
order, a hunter of men.

Washington will play on the line of scrimmage in some
defenses, either blowing through the A-gap or coming off
the edge as a pass-rusher. Other defenses will have D-Wash
playing off the ball in space, covering him up with a 3-
defensive end, allowing him to run freely. And some
defenses will
have Washington covering receivers, taking on the
of a safety!

In years past offenses had to find Adrian Wilson in order
to diagnose and dissect the Cardinals defense. I don’t
believe that will be the case going forward. Daryl
Washington is going to become the Cards new X-Man. If he
holds up at the point-of-attack and stays healthy, Pro
Bowls are in his future.

And D-Wash may not be the only X-Man on this defense.
Based on what I’ve seen from the Cards defense in the
first few days of training camp, Ray Horton’s defense
might include X-Men.

Lets hope Wolverine looks good in red.