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Mass. woman’s obituary: ‘Brady is innocent!’ in ‘DeflateGate’ scandal

You’ve probably heard enough about #DeflateGate, but you’re about to hear about it one more time.

But, trust us, this one’s worth.

An Auburn, Massachusetts, woman died last Monday at the age of 72.

Buried in Patricia M. Shong’s two-column obituary was a reference to beleaguered New England quarterback Tom Brady.

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell shared the woman’s obituary with the wider public Saturday morning on Twitter.

Shong had a standard obituary other than that short proclamation. In fact, nowhere else does it mention anything related to sports or her Patriots fandom.

Well, there, now the matter is settled. Apparently Ted Wells and Roger Goodell neglected to consult with Shong first before the league’s lead investigator issued his report earlier this month.