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LaMarcus Aldridge, the haircut, hits San Antonio

Much to the dismay of those of us in Phoenix, the San Antonio Spurs were the big winner of the LaMarcus Aldridge free agent sweepstakes.

The four-time All-Star joins a championship-level roster and makes the Spurs one of the early favorites for the NBA title in 2015-16.

The biggest tangential effect Aldridge’s arrival has had in the Alamo City is on the hairstyle of one particular super fan.

@aldridge_12 #nba #sportscenter #espn #spurs #lamarcusAldridge #hairart #robtheoriginal #themajestic #graffetch

A photo posted by Rob Ferrel (@robtheoriginal) on

Look, pretty much nobody in the Valley likes San Antonio, but that’s just quality work right there.

The artist is Rob Ferrel, a master barber at Mission Barber Shop in San Antonio.

And if you scoffed at the mention of a barber as an artist, check out some of Ferrel’s other work. Amazing stuff!