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Tales from the road: Storms move Cardinals inside

While the locals here in St. Joseph were hoping the storms brought a bit more rain than the 15-20 minutes of heavy downpour we received Wednesday morning to aid in their summer long drought, the Cardinals were happy to have a suitable alternative for their morning walk-through which took place in the state of the art indoor facility at Missouri Western State University.

Once again both Kevin Kolb and Beanie Wells were participants, but the question as to when they will next play in a game still remains unanswered according to Ken Whisenhunt.

“Unless he has a setback…he can throw it fine, he’s still having some issues with the bruise inside (his chest), and if that settles down in time, he’ll play, but we’re 2 days out from the game, I can’t tell,” he said of the QB. “We’ll see how he does in practice this afternoon.”

As to how the team can better practice tackling after their struggles Sunday against the Saints, Whisenhunt responded to’s Darren Urban by asking him if he was up for volunteering to be a tackling dummy.

“That would really help us, would you volunteer,” the coach joked, but credit goes to Urban for the snappy “We do this together” retort.

This afternoon’s practice has been moved up to 2 p.m. local time (noon in Arizona). Until then, here’s hoping I don’t get asked to be a tackling dummy.

Regardless of how many hits we take, both Darren and I are ready to host a Google+ hangout at 5 p.m. Arizona time Wednesday and hope you will join us. You can get the rest of the details by following us on Twitter: @AZBloom and
@Cardschatter, and of course you should already be following @AZCardinals.)

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