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Who’s Your Daddy: Kevin Gibson

What is the most important life lesson your dad passed down to you?

I definitely have learned to take the positive approach towards things. To never really view things with a negative attitude, the power of positive thinking. He’s really overly positive and it’s helped me a lot with stuff I’ve had to go through with sports and school or whatever it might be. It helps a lot when you view stuff with a positive attitude and he really believes it and I believe it too.

What is the most memorable sports experience you remember sharing with your dad?

I’m not sure I’d be able to narrow it down to one. I was fortunate to be on a lot of good sports teams when I was younger and he was around for a lot of it, like championship games that we ended up winning. There were several that I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to just one, they were all pretty cool experiences to have him around for.

What’s one word you would use to describe your dad?

Really hard-working and dedicated.

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