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Trumbo is Dumbo

If you’re looking for positives amidst the Diamondbacks’ 0-3 start, look no further than Mark Trumbo. Many baseball people were sounding the warning bells when the D-backs let it be known they were going to play Trumbo in left field. Analysts believed Trumbo in the outfield was like putting an elephant in the outfield.

Although they were right, he is an elephant, nobody thought he would move like Dumbo.

I think he’s going to be okay in left field. Diamondbacks GM, Kevin Towers, told us he was a good athlete and that’s why they believed he could man the position. I watch him run and agree. He went back on a ball early in the game and made it look routine, making the catch over his head with full extension. He also came in on a couple balls coming off of left-handed bats and timed his trot with the flight of the ball, perfectly creating a vertex of ball and glove. He also made a strong throw into the cutoff man late in the game that would have nailed the runner had he tried to score.

And the best part is: Trumbo has played really well. In the home opener at Chase Field he hit the ball hard most of the night. Once into the hole for a base hit, once toward the shift at first base (error Brandon Belt), then he went the other way for another line drive base hit, then a soft liner into right field…he’s raking and the power will come.

He drove in two runs on three hits in the loss to the Giants. He’s got six RBI on the season — driving the ball and driving in runs.

Although he has much to learn in left, Mark Trumbo may not be the weakness many analysts believed he would be. 0-3 sucks buttermilk but Mark Trumbo doesn’t.

But it is early and it is a long season, isn’t it Mr. Panic When You’re 0-3?

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