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Horton: Patriots a ‘measuring stick game’ for Cards

After a thrilling Week 1 victory against the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals will try to improve to 2-0 in a tough road game against the New England Patriots.

“It’s going to be a fantastic challenge for our guys,” Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton said. “They are well-coached, well-disciplined, they don’t make mistakes and they don’t beat themselves.”

Horton feels that this game will teach his team a lot about where they stand.

“It’s really just a measuring stick game of where are we,” Horton said. “That team up there have been a perennial Super Bowl and AFC East champions, day in and day out. We are trying to build that here.”

Horton worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004 to 2010 and during that time he coached in many “epic” battles against New England.

During that time, Horton has become familiar with the Patriots’ style of play and feels that his defense knows what to expect.

“They are not going to surprise us, they are not going to fool us,” Horton said. “They are being well-respected in our building going up there.”

New England’s simple style of play makes them easy to prepare for, but it is also what makes them tough to beat.

“They just figure we will beat you because we are better than you and we know what we are doing,” Horton said. “You got to disrupt them, you’ve got to hit them, you’ve got to hit the quarterback. If you don’t make it uncomfortable for them, it’s like seven-on-seven.”

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