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Bills’ Gailey: Cards defense will hit you

October 10, 2012: Behind Enemy Lines

The Buffalo Bills make their second trip in five years, but only their third ever to Arizona.

Chan Gailey, in his third season as head coach, decided to keep his team on the west coast following their game at San Francisco.

The Bills are practicing at ASU this week.

Gailey spoke to those of us in the local media on a conference call earlier Wednesday:

On how team is after being outscored 97-31 last two weeks

I think that they are hurt and if you are not hurt, you are probably in the wrong business. We are not injured, we are hurt but we are not injured. Injured means cannot go. Hurt means you learn to play through it and you try to overcome the deficiency that you have to continue to be successful. I think that is where we are. We are trying to continue to be successful even though we have taken a couple of hard licks the last couple of weeks.
I mean your soul is hurt. You hurt in your heart. You hurt in your brain. You hurt everywhere when you do not play well. If you are any kind of competitor you are hurt. You want to go out and try to rectify it. We played fairly good in the first halves; it is the second halves that have gotten us. We have to find a way to get that changed.

On quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

We just have to be smart about where we throw the football and when we throw it. He has some people in his face sometimes and we have to do a better job of protection. I think Ryan has shown through the last couple years that if you can protect him, give him the ability to read the defense and see what is going on then he can be a very effective quarterback. We just have to keep working in those areas.

On quarterback Kevin Kolb

I do not think anybody has ever questioned his toughness. He (has been) throughout his whole time in the league a tough guy. And he did (get hit Thursday), he took some shots last week. It is a testament to him and I know that his teammates respect him for it.

On Cardinals defense

They are fast and they play tough. I really appreciate watching them play because they play hard every snap. They will hit you. They will come after you. They do a great job of mixing things up. You do not know what is going to happen next. They have a very good balance of speed, quickness, and diversity on their side of the football.

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