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Cards’ Whiz: This is about winning

November 26, 2012: Cardinals head coach understands fans’ frustration

Fifty-seven days have passed since the Cardinals last won a ballgame.

Fifty-seven days.

“I am pretty much lost for words now after seven weeks of saying the same thing.”

That was Larry Fitzgerald Sunday.

Monday, head coach Ken Whisenhunt acknowledged the mounting frustration, especially coming from outside the locker-room.

“Well, listen, we are disappointed,” he said, “and I understand the fans’ frustration and disappointment. We’ve set the bar high by having had the success that we have had, and we aren’t living up to that right now.”

This is the Cardinals’ second seven-game losing streak in three seasons — sandwiched around a six-game losing streak in 2011.

The team is three years removed from its last playoff appearance and four years removed from the Super Bowl run in 2008.

“It’s part of the job,” Whisenhunt said after being asked about his own job security for a second straight day. “There’s a lot of speculation about everything and I think you have to have thick skin.”

Whisenhunt is 14-24 over his last 38 games.

A lot of the team’s recent struggles can be directly attributed to the revolving door at quarterback. The Cardinals have played at least three quarterbacks in each of the past three seasons.

“I think that whenever you have change at any position there’s always something that you lose, and we have had a lot of turnover,” Whisenhunt said. “We have had a lot of injuries this year and that’s affected us, but nobody cares. They expect you to have success. Our opponents don’t care. I’ll give our fans credit. They do. They have been very supportive, at least the ones in my interaction with them, but this is about winning. If you don’t win games, it’s tough.”

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