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Larry Fitzgerald: ‘We’re desperate for a win’

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals has seen highs and lows during his tenure with the team. He scored two touchdowns in Super Bowl XLIII, but has also experienced nine losing streaks of three or more games since joining the Cardinals in 2004. That includes the current seven-game streak Arizona is in the midst of.

Despite his experience with such skids, Fitzgerald is desperate for the streak to end, and chose an interesting analogy to sum up the team’s feelings.

“You ever been in a pool and struggling for air and how hard you fight to get to the top,” Fitzgerald asked. “That’s kind of how we all feel right now, we’re drowning and we’re struggling and fighting to do anything we can to get to the top.

“We’re desperate. We’re desperate for a win.”

If there’s a silver lining to the situation the Cardinals are currently facing, it’s that they’ll take on a 4-7 team Sunday that is in apparent disarray — the New York Jets.

Despite their recent struggles, Fitzgerald knows the Jets defense still presents a tough challenge.

“They’re really good, they’re playing good football,” Fitzgerald said. “They’ve got some Pro Bowl talent over there and a really strong linebacker crew that can get after the quarterback.

“It’s going to be a tough game against a team that we’re not very familiar with, so we’ve just got to put in the extra time.”