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Eagles’ CB on Arizona Cardinals: ‘Let’s not be crybabies’

Most people not draped in whatever the shade of green the Philadelphia Eagles wear on Sunday were pretty much in agreement that the officiating at the end of the home team’s 24-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals was substandard at best.

In the last four minutes of the contest, the Cardinals were called for two costly defensive holding penalties, one of which nullified a Patrick Peterson interception that would have given Arizona great field position.

Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd didn’t get holding or pass interference calls on two pass plays in the team’s final possession despite obvious contact.

Jason Cole of National Football Post had his opinion on the zebras’ peformance, as did Greg Bedard of the The MMQB.

So did Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians, who said there were at least 15 plays he called to the attention of the NFL’s vice president of officiating Dean Blandino.

That apparently didn’t sit well with Eagles defensive back Cary Williams, who spouted off to the Philadelphia media Tuesday.

“Man, let’s not be crybabies,” Williams said.”I don’t know, man. I thought the refs kept them in the game to some degree, at times. But it’s about football man. It’s about going out there, executing. If they came in here with a different attitude, maybe not so nonchalant maybe, thinking it was going to be a cakewalk, maybe … I don’t know. I’m not big on teams sending stuff in and, ‘This is what needs to be called.’ Man, play the game, dude. It’s football, man. Don’t blame it on the refs. Blame it on your preparation that week.

“I’ve never been a fan of coaches sending stuff into the refs, unless it was blatant. To me, I didn’t feel like it was anything that was blatant on the field.”

Williams played for the Baltimore Ravens for four seasons, and isn’t a big fan of Arians going back to his days as offensive coordinator of the Steelers.

“You know how I feel about those Pittsburgh guys anyway,” he said.