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Former Cardinal Karlos Dansby responds to Darnell Dockett’s comments

Last week, Darnell Dockett spoke of his disappointment that Karlos Dansby left Arizona for Cleveland.

“He chased the money,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of respect for our guy that left, I love him like a brother. But we were one or two pieces away from really making a lot of noise.”

Dockett added that he felt like Dansby, who accepted a four-year, $24 million deal from the Browns (with $14 million guaranteed), chose money over a chance at a championship ring.

Wednesday, Dansby responded.

Though Dockett’s stance is certainly understandable, as the team would have been better with Dansby than it will be without him, it’s hard to fault him for what he did. Football careers are very short, and this was likely the last lucrative contract of the linebacker’s career.

Now, did he cost himself a shot at a Super Bowl by leaving Arizona? Maybe, as the Cardinals won 10 games last season and appear to be on the rise while the Browns earned just four victories and don’t appear to be particularly close to a playoff spot. However, time has proven that teams can rise from the scrap heap when little is expected, and with Dansby on board the Browns may be the next to do so.

You know, like the Cardinals in 2013.

According to’s Tom Reed, Dansby said that’s one of the reasons why he went to Cleveland. When asked if his new team can win more than his old team, the linebacker was emphatic.

“Hell, yes,” he said. “And, we have enough firepower to do it. That’s why I came here.”

Time will tell if that is the case, as there are still months to go before the regular season kicks off. In the meantime, it’s likely this war of words will settle down, though that doesn’t mean its impact won’t continue to be felt.

“He don’t know me and that’s what he showed (with those comments),” Dansby said. “The 11 years we’ve been around each other he don’t know me.”