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Josh McCown’s daughter proves that the QB is the ultimate journeyman

Josh McCown has played a lot of football, for a lot of teams.

It wasn’t until McCown’s daughter and her friends donned many variations of his jersey for a school spirit day, that we can fully appreciate what the 37-year-old has given to the NFL.

The two teams that are missing happen to be the Arizona Cardinals, the team who drafted McCown in 2002, and the Carolina Panthers. McCown played for the Cardinals from 2002-2005 and for Carolina from 2008-2009.

If McCown’s daughter and friends had to choose between which teams to exclude, the Cardinals should’ve been a heavy favorite to be included, seeing that they were the team to give him his first NFL job.

Next time there’s a jersey day, let’s hope that McCown tells his daughter to maybe show a little love to the team that started it all for him.

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