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Jon Hamm is the ultimate troll at Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs have been known as the “Lovable Losers”, haven’t won a championship since 1908 and haven’t even played in a World Series since 1945.

Fast-forward 71 years later, and the Cubs are finally in a position to capture a title over 100 years in the making.

But, that doesn’t stop actor Jon Hamm from committing the perfect “stick it” to Cubs fans.

Sitting among a sea of Chicago hopefuls in Game 3, Hamm casually sports an old St. Louis Cardinals cap. How old, you might ask? Well, the logo appeared from 1900-1919, during the time Chicago was last on top of the baseball world.


Chicago may be too preoccupied with trying to vanquish a curse bestowed by a goat, that during the process, a new curse may have set on the team.

The curse of Hamm.

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