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The new NFL replay monitor tablets are going to be a problem

Nobody likes an NFL official.

They’re easy to complain about, only get attention when they screw up and take us away from enjoying the well-played game of football. And now, the league’s new replay-review system is certainly ripe for mistakes to attract further anger from fans.

Instead of going under the hood to work in their own space, NFL refs will now watch replay tablets that, at least in the Thursday Hall of Fame game, will be visible to TV cameras.

Replay reviews will still occur in New York with the in-game officials lending their input, but allowing a national audience to see the angles (are they the right angles?) of the replay reviews doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Also, what’s up with this poor fellow with a beard?

What’s his job description other than, “Hold this TV still so the referee can see clearly and not screw up the call”?

Anyway, these monitors seem like a bad idea.

They’re only going to lead to more mocking of NFL officials and more opportunities for people to see things go wrong.

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