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All-Access with Cole Toner, Aug. 21: Ready for an eclipse of the preseason

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The Arizona Cardinals are coming off their third game of the preseason, and according to offensive lineman Cole Toner, the team is ready to move on.

Toner joined Doug & Wolf on 98.7 FM, Arizona’s Sports Station on Monday, the same day as the U.S. prepared for a total solar eclipse to sweep across the nation. He was asked about the end of the preseason, though the Cardinals still have two preseason games to go.

“That and more,” Toner said when asked if he’s “excited” to finish the preseason. “I think even coaches and staff at this point, for sure.”

Coming off a 24-23 loss to the Bears, the Cardinals still have yet to play their fourth and fifth preseason games against the Falcons and Broncos, respectively. In the meantime, Toner remains roommates with Evan Boehm.

“A lot of guys on other teams don’t do that, even in training camp,” he said. “Like if you’re not a rookie, you don’t have a roommate. Which, that’d be nice. But you’ve just got to learn how to share a space, share everything, walk around stuff on the floor — that kind of stuff.”

As for passing the time? Well, let’s just say the quarterbacks may fall victim to some impersonations by the offensive line.

“If you were to impersonate any of the three (quarterbacks), it’d be Drew (Stanton), just kind of the way Drew acts sometimes,” Toner said. “He’ll kind of fake-pump-up A.Q. (Shipley). A.Q.’s just miserable some days in practice and Drew will kind of be like, ‘Come on Q, let’s go!’, that kind of stuff.

“Q will impersonate him an awful lot, just the things he says to him.”

Toner was also asked about the talk of the town: the eclipse.

“We’ll be in walkthrough so I’m doubting that the football staff will let us walk outside and see the eclipse,” Toner said. “Maybe they’ll open the roof of the stadium, that’d be nice.”

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