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The Vikings are still the kings of NFL touchdown celebrations

The Minnesota Vikings might have taken the NFL’s relaxed celebration rules more seriously than most.

From the beginning of the year, they’ve put a lot of thought into choreographed touchdown celebrations. First, it led us to wonder why there’s a Minnesota version of “Duck, duck, goose” that in Minnesota is called “Duck, duck, gray duck.”

The Vikings were at it again in Week 10 with this excellent leap-frog celebration.

Give credit to the Vikings for the compelling effort each game.

But was it even the best in-game celebration of the week?

We turn to the Canadian Football League, where there’s a bit more experience when it comes to the post-score celebration game.

Here, the Ottawa Redblacks’ touchdown against the Saskatchewan Roughriders leads to a limbo under a grown man.

This is excellent, and the type of stuff the NFL needs to catch up to.

The Vikings are well on their way.

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