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Nate Robinson, Maya Moore make cameos in latest Uncle Drew episode

Pepsi MAX does this great thing where they dress Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving up as a graying, feeble old man, put him in sweats and send him to streetball locales around the nation to shock the hoopsters there.

The brand released the series a year and a half ago when Irving — “Uncle Drew” — steps foot on a basketball court in Bloomfield, NJ and shows up younger players with a slew of ankle-breaking cross-ups, dunks and deep three-pointers.

After the second episode featured a crusty Kevin Love, Pepsi MAX brought in Nate Robinson — “Lights” — and WNBA star Maya Moore — “Betty Lou” — for part three.

The trio dazzle in Chicago and Uncle Drew drops his usual “youngbloods” more than a dozen times in reference to the younger players on the court.