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Cardinals O-line did a good job against Pittsburgh

Much maligned, the Cardinals offensive line has taken
quite a bit of criticism this season.

Much of it has been deserved, as Kevin Kolb has been
sacked 18 times in six games and the running game, while
solid, is nothing special.

However, as Pro
Football Focus
points out, the group had a pretty
decent game Sunday against Pittsburgh, instead placing
much of the blame on the team’s quarterback.

The Steelers only generated pressure on 12 of 37 drop
backs (though it seemed a lot more given how happy Kolb’s
feet were), and it resulted in two sacks, an interception,
and numerous overthrows. This doesn’t even include the
safety he took when he decided the safest place to run
from Lamarr Woodley was his own end zone.

So while it may be popular to point to the line when the
QB is rolling out, it’s worth noting that much of the
pressure appears to be of the self-made variety.

Even more, everyone’s favorite punching bag (or turnstile,
if you’re a defensive end) Levi Brown had himself quite
the game.

It’s about time someone wrote something nice about Levi
Brown (+3.1). He had one of those perfect days in pass
protection that come with a giant asterisk next to them
(he did give up a pressure but the play was nullified),
and he didn’t have to contend with the injured James
Harrison. But you can only best what is put in front of
you, and he looked far more comfortable one-on-one with
Brett Keisel and Lawrence Timmons, receiving his highest
grade of the year by some distance. If history has taught
us anything, it’s that it won’t last, so maybe we should
all make hay while the sun shines and applaud Brown for

Halley’s Comet, February 29th, solid offensive line play
from the Cardinals. Though these events may be rare, they
do, in fact, happen.


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