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Kevin Kolb suffered turf toe injury Sunday vs. Ravens

It was only a matter of time before Kevin Kolb came up

The quarterback has been sacked 24 times — second most in
the NFL — and has been hit on countless other plays.

Sunday, in Baltimore, Kolb suffered what head coach Ken
Whisenhunt described as a “turf toe” injury in the first
quarter, and played with it the rest of the game. He was
sacked six times in total.

“We did some things to help with the pain a little bit and
just to gut it out and try to come out with the victory,”
Kolb said.

After the game Whisenhunt said Kolb had trouble pushing
off the foot.

Turf toe is one of those injuries that can keep a player
out of the lineup, or, at the very least, seriously affect
one’s performance.

As for Kolb’s status going forward, Whisenhunt said that
won’t be known until later in the week.

“Those things, you just don’t ever know,” he said Monday.
“We’ll have to see how it responds to treatment.

“I know it was a little swollen, black and blue, we’ll see
how it responds as we progress this week.”

Kolb is taking the injury day-by-day saying an injury like
this is different for every position.

“I think every one of them is a little bit different,”
Kolb said. “Right now just try to get the swelling out and
relieve the pain a little bit and as the week goes on
getting more and more movement and seeing what my body
allows me to do.”

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