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NFL on ESPN congratulates Herm Edwards on win – before game starts

Herm Edwards is excited to get back into college coaching.

ESPN is excited to see him there.

A little overzealous, it turns out. It looks like the train was ahead of schedule.

The NFL on ESPN twitter account sent out a congratulations to the ASU head coach for winning his first game — two hours before kickoff.


The account deleted the tweet about five minutes later, but the damage had been done. Hundreds of people “liked” the tweet, and many responded and quoted it.

Fans had some good Edwards quotes.

Turns out, he didn’t even have to play to win.

Football fans aren’t superstitious … but in the words of Michael Scott from The Office, they are a little stitious.

The Sun Devils need to pull out a win now, or else twitter account @OldTakesExposed will be all over them.

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