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Steve Kerr tells James Harden Arizona is a ‘better school’ than ASU

There’s a well-known rivalry between Arizona State University and University of Arizona athletics.

Most alumni of either school will tell you their alma mater pride lasts long after graduation. Apparently it’s no different for UA alum Steve Kerr, now head coach of the Golden State Warriors, and former ASU basketball star James Harden, now a member of the Houston Rockets.

So when the Warriors and Rockets met up in this year’s NBA playoffs on Sunday night, there was room for a little trash talk between Kerr and Harden.

“Anyway, I was saying Arizona’s a better school than ASU,” Kerr said during a stoppage in play, apparently unaware that the Sun Devils rank No. 1 in the country in innovation.

The moment was captured as Kerr was mic’ed up during the broadcast. More of that, please.

The video clip didn’t include a response from Harden, if there was one. Maybe he told Kerr that the Old Pueblo has nothing on Tempe, or maybe he was focused on basketball things.

Kerr’s trash talk doesn’t seem worthy of any penalization, although, Harden might not have drawn the call, anyway.

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