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Former scout gives Cardinals’ draft high marks

Most NFL draft grades are fairly meaningless. They come from ‘experts’ who haven’t been around the team or who don’t have a background in talent evaluation. That is until now.

Dave Razzano, a former Arizona Cardinals scout who now writes for, had nothing but praise for his previous employers’ draft.

Arizona ( A )

The Cards got the best DB in the draft in Pat Peterson as well as the best RB in 2nd round pick Ryan Williams. TE Rob Housler gives the team a speedster at TE. I thought DE Sam Acho was a fourth round steal as one of the better pure pass rushers in the draft. LB Quan Sturdivant was an excellent value pick in the 6th round.

It’s pretty glowing praise, especially when you consider Razzano was fired by the Cardinals after the 2009 draft.

While many people questioned the pick of Williams in the second round, Razzano praised them for getting great value. He also liked the pretty much unknown tight end out of Florida Atlantic, Housler, that they grabbed a round later.

Razzano seems to know what he’s talking about so you have to like the fact that he gave the Cardinals such a high mark. Before you get too excited though, he may be an easy grader. He did give 11 other teams an A as well.