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According to Wikipedia (and box scores) Trevor Story owns the Diamondbacks

Have yourself a series, Trevor Story.

And then please heed the words of Scar and never return.

The Colorado Rockies’ rookie shortstop has just torched Diamondbacks pitching, crushing four home runs in the three-game series. The 23-year-old hit two off of Zack Greinke Monday night before taking Shelby Miller and Patrick Corbin deep the next two games.

It’s a historic start to the season, as he is the only player who has debuted since 1900 to homer in each of his first three career games.

Story has fared so well, in fact, that shortly after his home run Wednesday afternoon, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Wikipedia page was edited to reflect that he, and not Ken Kendrick, owned the team.


Rude? Yes. Incorrect? Technically, yes.

But it’s pretty funny, unless of course you are Greinke, Miller, Corbin or any member of the D-backs organization.

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