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Latest NFL Twitter ‘fight’ is for the birds

Five different NFL teams have bird-related nicknames, and Wednesday every one of them decided to have a bit of social media fun.

It all started with the Seattle Seahawks trying to be a little funny, and then went on from there.

Having seen this, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to respond:

That could have been the end of it, but the Seahawks then decided to go and make a pretty terrible joke:

It was at that point where the Atlanta Falcons joined in on the fun with their own bad pun:

Not to be left out, the Baltimore Ravens joined in on the fun:

And of course, the Seahawks could not let all of this go by without putting their stamp on it:

Which, in turn, led to this:

…and this:

It was at that point where the Arizona Cardinals joined the fray, perhaps ending the entire thing with one simple .gif:

Who won this Twitter “fight”?

We did, that’s who.

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