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Milwaukee Bucks unveil newest crazy arena food

From fried Twinkies to seafood nachos, NBA teams aren’t afraid to put a crazy item on the concessions menu from time to time.

The Milwaukee Bucks offered fans their latest culinary creation on Wednesday night against the Miami Heat. Levy Restaurants sold a foot-long hot with cheese sauce and cheese curds in a pretzel bun.

First, it’s unequivocally Wisconsin. An excess of cheese sauce with more cheesy items on top of it? Packers fans might start wearing this on their heads instead of that cheese wedge.

The foot-long hot dog also seems to be rising in popularity at sporting venues. The Texas Rangers even have a two-foot hot dog called the “Boomstick”. While not as big, the unnamed Bucks foot-long packs a lot.

Finally, the pretzel bun, which is one of the most underrated uses for food. It takes what may well be a totally replacement-level hot dog and makes it stand out.

Sadly, the Bucks cheese-covered offer was only a one-game thing, but the next crazy stadium special is probably just around the corner.

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