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Watch this mind-blowing punt in a Chicago high school game defy physics

We really aren’t quite sure what to make of this. To be honest, we are as stunned as the MaxPreps social media team.

During a high school football game in Chicago, Raby High School is forced to punt deep in its own territory. Calvin Jackson punts it away near the 7-yard line, with the ball bouncing at the 43 and across midfield.

What happens next is comical, as the ball continues to roll slowly down the field.

As the Raby special teams players continue to encourage the ball by waving their hands, a defender attempts to sneak up on the Raby players but thinks better of his decision to try and field the punt.

Finally, the ball comes to a stop at the seven-yard line. Could the field be that slanted? Could it have been the “Windy City” living up to its nickname?

Regardless, we are glad it was caught on video.

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