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Reporter asks Mike Leach for wedding advice, hilarity ensues

“You’d wish you’d just eloped.”

Sometimes it’s the questions that don’t pertain to the sport that get the best reactions.

Just ask the reporter who asked Mike Leach not about rivalry week or the potential for his team to make it to the Pac-12 title game, but about wedding advice.

Not a typo. Wedding advice.

Instead of getting upset with the random question, the Washington State coach took it in stride.

Maybe it was how the reporter asked it or maybe Leach saw a little bit of himself in the reporter because what happened next was pretty awesome.

Leach stood there and without skipping a beat began his lengthy list of what will happen around the time of the wedding and leading up to.

The Pac-12 coach explained how the family members will call and ask what to wear and your spouse will want help with planning the wedding, but when it comes down to it, will just use her own ideas. Or even when you have satisfied the bride or a relative, someone else is going to be upset with the way you did things.

Like most husbands in the situation, Leach’s response to a lot of the questions was “I don’t care.” He said that’s not the best phrase to utter when dealing with spouses and/or relatives.

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