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Bowling slows Bynum’s comeback with the Sixers

There’s been some strange injuries in the world of sports over the years.

From Glenallen Hill’s spider-filled nightmare to Sammy Sosa’s sneezing-induced strained back to Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica’s ridiculous first half celebration turned ACL tear.

Sixers center Andrew Bynum’s latest injury may not be quite as out there as some of the ones listed above, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less strange.

Bynum was acquired by Philadelphia in August as part of a blockbuster trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers and Andre Iguodola to the Denver Nuggets.

While Howard and Iguodola have already gotten acclimated to their respective new teams, Bynum has yet to touch the floor in the City of Brotherly Love due to a severe bone bruise and weakened cartilage in his right knee.

It seems Bynum, who was already not expected to return until at least January, might have further complicated his situation from trying his hand in a different sport.

No one has ever confused bowling as a contact sport, but apparently Bynum did additional damage to both knees while taking part in the off-court activity.

Bowling is not one of the NBA’s prohibited activities, so even while nursing a serious injury, Bynum was well within his rights to partake in a few rounds.

With that said, something tells me Philly fans are not going to take this latest bit of news lightly. Then again they may have another to worry about with Andy Reid and the Eagles.