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Pitino answers reporter’s phone in presser

Rick Pitino has been a coach in college basketball for nearly four decades, so he’s pretty much seen it all.

Well, almost everything.

Coming off No. 5 Louisville’s 99-47 pounding of the Kangaroos from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Saturday, Pitino began his post-game press conference in routine fashion.

But just as Pitino was waxing poetic about his team’s thorough performance, modern technology got in the way.

WNDA radio host Bob Domine, a journalist in the crowd at Pitino’s presser, forgot to turn his iPhone on silent and received an untimely call smack-dab in the middle of the Louisville coach’s remarks.

Pitino, always known to be an intense personality during his legendary years in the Bluegrass State, must have been in a rather good mood Saturday.

He calmly took the recorder/phone and began chatting with the woman on the other line.

Take a listen to the rather hilarious exchange:

When his coaching career concludes, it seems Pitino may have a decent chance to pursue a job in improv comedy.