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Pistons fan learns of trade the hard way (and on camera)

Often times you’ll read a story about how a player learned he was traded. Sometimes the general manager or coach tells them, and sometimes they hear it from the media first.

Either way, it can’t be easy to deal with.

However, does anyone think of how the fans learn of the swap? What if, by chance, someone went to a game and learned their favorite player was traded only because said player did not come out for pregame warmups with the team?

If only such a thing happened and it was caught on camera.

Oh wait, it was!

A Detroit Pistons fan who seemed to have an affinity for Tayshaun Prince learned the player was traded while waiting at the arena to see him, and the entire sequence was caught on camera.

It’s a little sad and a lot of fun to watch as the fan goes through the process of realizing Prince isn’t there, learning why, and then deciding he’s no longer a Pistons fan.