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Youth coach trips opponent, gets jail sentence

Remember your days as a youth athlete when coaches would mandate that you’d shake your opponents’ hands — win or lose?

And sometimes, if you didn’t like the other team, maybe you’d lick or spit on your hand before exchanging “pleasantries” with your opponent. Petty? Yes, but it happens from time to time with kids on ball fields.

Well, that would have been good sportsmanship for Canadian youth hockey coach Martin Tremblay.

The 48-year-old coach tripped a 13-year-old player on purpose in the handshake line, causing him to fall and break and bone in his wrist.

The incident happened back in November, and Tremblay pleaded guilty to one count of assault. This week a British Columbian judge sentenced the idiot to 15 days in jail.

We say ‘bravo’ to the justice system north of the border!