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That’s too many James Hardens, Foot Locker

It’s clear Foot Locker is fond of James Harden, whom they place in the majority of their ads these days.

They like him so much, in fact, they decided to put seven James Hardens in their newest commercial. Seven people, each toting a glorious beard.

The real Harden — and five lookalikes — went gallivanting around around a shopping mall, with onlookers snapping photos and enjoying the site of one of the NBA’s best players.

Now, why the extra Hardens? Apparently James wanted to shop at Foot Locker in peace, so the others were used as decoys.

Because, you know, Harden probably doesn’t get shoes sent straight to him from the company he’s a spokesman for. Nope, gotta go to the mall. With lookalikes.