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Arizona hockey team will bury owner, GM to sell tickets

They better hope the fans actually like them.

As reported by Yahoo! Sports, the Arizona Sundogs of the Central Hockey League are putting together an interesting promotion with the hopes of selling season tickets.

They are going to bury the team’s owner and general manager in a metal container until 300 tickets are sold.

On Friday, an excavator began digging a hole in an empty lot off State Route Highway 69 in Prescott Valley big enough for a 22-foot metal container. The container won’t act as some kind of time capsule, rather, majority owner Brad Fain and GM Chris Presson will be buried alive, beginning Wednesday afternoon, eight feet underground until 300 season tickets are sold.

It’s all set to begin Wednesday.

Apparently a grated cattle guard will be placed on top so that breathing doesn’t become a problem, but still. As far as promotions go, this one is…umm…interesting?

At the very least, it may not be the strangest thing they’ve done to pitch tickets. Just last season, members of the organization were stationed 33 feet in the air on a scissor lift, and weren’t going to come down until 300 season tickets were sold.

They reached their goal then, by the way.