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Clippers’ Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis falls on courtside fan at Phoenix Suns game

If you’re about to sit courtside at an NBA game and you start worrying about which player you’d least like to come crashing into you, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Glen Davis would probably be on the short list.

Such a scenario materialized Sunday at US Airways Center in Phoenix, and it went about as badly as it sounds.

Early in the fourth quarter, “Big Baby” battled for a loose ball against the Suns’ Gerald Green heading toward the sideline and ended up throwing it out of bounds. Davis’ momentum led him into the courtside seats — rear-first — and he ended up inadvertently sitting on a female fan.

The woman looks like she was talking to someone to her right, and thus didn’t see the near-300-pound Clipper until it was too late. The sideline crash was easily the most memorable moment of his eight minutes of playing time Sunday.

To his credit, Davis spent a few seconds checking on the woman to make sure she was OK before he got back into the game. Los Angeles ended up winning the road game 120-100.

While watching a replay of the incident, we can’t help but think of a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot hit.