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A new leader in the QB competition

July 25, 2012: John Skelton now in front

FLAGSTAFF — After day one, it was Kevin Kolb. After day two, it’s John Skelton.

Skelton has overtaken Kolb in this early quarterback competition, of granting media interviews.

Skelton spoke twice Wednesday: first following the run test in the morning and then again following the end of the first practice of camp in the afternoon.

“The quarterback position is probably the most important position on the field and with that position comes extra scrutiny and criticism,” Skelton said surrounded by reporters. “Kevin and I are both taking it in stride. We both know that we’re going to push each other, like always.

“May the best man win.”

Now, if this were a competition on the golf course then apparently it would be no competition at all.

“Kevin’s got me,” Skelton said when asked who had the better game.

The two spent much of the offseason playing every Tuesday. “There was probably a group of 12 of us that played,” Skelton said.

“I guess it’s hard for the outside community to fathom two guys getting along that are competing for the same job,” the former fifth round pick said. “But we both push each other. We both want the best for each other.”

(Full disclosure: Kolb did do a sit down one-one-one interview with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King following practice. Does a national interview count double?)