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Just your ordinary Jim Harbaugh freakout

It’s not a football weekend without some sort of Jim Harbaugh sideline temper-tantrum.

The former San Francisco 49ers coach made it a weekly ordeal on Sundays during his four-year stint in the NFL, whether it was making a simple flustered face or going full-on jump up-and-down tantrum.

Luckily for us, we got it during the first wave of morning games on Saturday.

The Michigan coach was not happy with a roughing the punter called on his team for blowing up the Oregon State punter.

To Harbaugh’s credit, it did look like the referee’s got the call wrong, as the punter was outside the tackle box when hit as noted in the clip.

Either way, we thank the referee’s poor call for giving us our weekly Harbaugh fix.

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