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Fantasy Outsiders League: Week 2 recap

Pittsburgh receiver Antonio Brown has been a big reason behind Dan Bickley's 2-0 start in the Arizona Sports Fantasy Outsiders League. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

Here’s what went down in Week 2 of the Fantasy Outsiders League.

BICKLEY 128.1 – 100 Burns

Difference Makers: Bickley continued his hot start, getting a combined 61 points from Amari Cooper and PPR machine Antonio Brown. Burns still put up a respectable 100-point effort, despite losing Tony Romo to injury and getting basically nothing from second-round pick Jeremy Hill.

CALVISI 127.7 – 69 B-Train

Difference Makers: Calvisi got a huge, 29-point showing from Emmanuel Sanders on Thursday night, then coasted from there. Meanwhile, B-Train — like many fantasy owners out there — was completely let down by Andrew Luck (8 points) on Monday Night Football.

LUKE 113.4 – 91.8 Doug

Difference Makers: Both teams left strong performances on the bench this week. Luke started Mike Evans (0 points – has anyone seen Mike Evans, by the way?) over Dion Lewis (24) in the FLEX spot, while Doug had Allen Robinson (34) and Brandon Marshall (23) sitting, in favor of Mike Wallace (7).

PAIGE 123.9 – 109.2 Marotta

Difference Makers: The closest matchup of the week went to Paige because a) she got 34 points out of Julian Edelman and b) Vince Marotta might be the single unluckiest fantasy player in the continental U.S.

BYRD 149.5 – 72.5 Wolf

Difference Makers: For the second week in a row, Byrd’s team turned in the highest score. Everyone but his kicker put up double-digits, including four who broke the 20-point barrier (Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Matthews, Steve Smith Sr. and the Denver D/ST). Meanwhile, Wolf took a hit on defense, where Miami somehow managed to lose him a point.


1. Jordan Byrd 2-0
2. Luke Lapinski 2-0
3. Dave Burns 1-1
4. Paige Dimakos 1-1
5. Bertrand Berry 0-2

1. Dan Bickley 2-0
2. Paul Calvisi 1-1
3. Doug Franz 1-1
4. Ron Wolfley 0-2
5. Vince Marotta 0-2


Bickley (2-0) vs Marotta (0-2)
Doug (1-1) vs Wolf (0-2)
Luke (2-0) vs Burns (1-1)
Calvisi (1-1) vs Paige (1-1)
B-Train (0-2) vs Byrd (2-0)