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Giants fans interfere with live ball, politely remove themselves from game

For most baseball fans, the opportunity to leave the game with a baseball is a pretty cool idea.

Be it a foul ball, a home run or a ball that was tossed into the stands, there is nothing quite like that kind of souvenir.

Yet, the ball one San Francisco Giants fan grabbed in the seventh inning of Monday night’s loss to the Diamondbacks is one he would likely rather forget about.

It came off the bat of shortstop Brandon Crawford and landed fair, before bouncing toward the bullpen and into the fan’s glove. The fan’s excitement quickly turned to panic and disappointment as he realized what had just happened. Knowing he broke a rule, he (and the lady that was with him) excused themselves from the game.

Oh, and it looks like he didn’t even get to keep the ball, too.


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